1st ever Cane Corso AKC Champion
Campo Cane Corso was the first ever AKC Winner for the Cane Corso Mastiff Breed. We
are proud to be at the forefront of the Cane Corso Breed and to breed high caliber
champion winning dogs.
GCh. Campo's Solomon Di Rockhaven
1st Ever AKC Champion
We are the breeder of the first AKC Champion Cane Corso.

The home of the first Eukanuba National Championship Cane Corso breed winner.

Campo Cane Corso strives to produces the best 343 standard cane corso period hands down!

Our foundation stock comes from the top cane corso from America, Italy and Europe. We produce top
confirmation dogs and working dogs with the utmost care in raising our litters in a family
environment, hands on not raised in a kennel but inside our home. Huge detail to temperament along
with following the 343 standard like the dogs used to create it! Basir and sister Babak ( both
offspring of Dauno x Tipsi ). This is the correct cane corso.

Our Cane Corso are elegant , agile and regal with muscular athletic bodies and heads with correct
degrees of planes, angles and muzzle stop with beautiful expression, eyes with the look of
intelligence. Our dogs are not for everyone but if you have the ability and know that your entering
into a ten plus year commitment!

Utah Kennel Club Group 3 under Judge Mrs. Michelle Billings
Group 3 Bahia Sur Kennel Club Under Judge Col. Purkhiser
Call Campo Cane Corso for a pre buyer interview 702-494-8273
(702) 494-8273
Group 4 Sierra-Tuolume Kennel Club
Judge Carolyn I. Alexander
Santa Barbara Kennel Club Group 2 Judge: Augusto Benedicto Santos